Introduction video of Faceprocessor V2

Want to use deep learning for facial editing or facial segmentation?

Then we have the right thing for you. Faceprocessor V2 is a series of ready deployable state of the art deep neural networks. They provide different different facial image analysis and augmentation tasks. Take advantage of using Mut1ny’s unique expertise, unique assembled training data and constantly evolving and updated deep neural networks for facial feature and structural analysis.

Faceprocessor can help your application or process that deals with facial images, videos or livestreams to reach the next level

Do you want to modernize and extend your software, service or mobile phone App? You also deal with lots of facial image content? If the answer to both is yes then Mut1ny’s Face processor might be something you should consider.

Need a customized solution or advice & help in deployment?

No problem get in contact with us and we can help you out in any way possible using our unique expertise in the area of deep neural networks, image & video processing and computer vision

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